AI Analytics, Pune Signed MOU with ZEAL College Of Engineering – Narhe, Pune

ZEAL College of Engineering, Narhe, Pune have signed an MoU to set up Center of Excellence for Data Science with AI Analytics Pune and training students from CSE, IT & ENTC Department

Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) – A driver in proliferating blockchain adoption

Blockchain is a disruptive game-changing technology that will have an impact as huge as the internet in the next two decades. Enterprise blockchain solutions are gaining momentum as they enable inter & intra org collaboration, offer enhances interoperability, transparency, enhanced security and holistic visibility (traceability). Learn about the blockchain, hyperledger fabric and design strategies with Vivek

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain created a lot of buzzword; however, its adoption was slow due to technical complexities, operational overhead, challenges in maintenance of the infrastructure and lack of skilled resources. These challenges acted as deterrents to adoption of blockchain for a while, until many small and large cloud providers jumped into offering BaaS solutions. Customers can build,

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