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In this generation where cloud computing is in the air throughout, there is a necessity for many firms and enterprises to know about it for their successful run. However, not all organizations can spend their IT support on such cloud computing services. Amazon, with this view, provided services related to cloud computing platform through Amazon Web Services for companies, individuals and government too. Its services are spread globally by availability zones.

Our certified professionals translate their real-world experience of dealing with large-scale deployments on the Cloud into knowledge share with hands-on examples in the lab. Our training modules are suitable for both beginners as well as students with some exposure to the concepts. We believe that coaching should be very hands-on, with a complete focus on giving practical exposure to students, thereby developing technical expertise and problem-solving skills. Inculcating confidence and creating opportunities is an integral part of our core philosophy. Our course content is always practical, up-to-date and in line with the industry requirements.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services provide services in various categories including storage, networking, compute, database, development and application services, management and monitoring, security and governance, and many others. For instance, its Compute categorical service Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud-EC2 provides virtual servers called instances for compute capacity.
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Microsoft Azure

A career in the field of Windows Azure is being proven to be well successful with a number of opportunities that are contributing to enhanced career growth. This has a created a hype among the aspirants across the globe for taking up the professional role of a Windows Azure expert so as to attain the benefits of this field.
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Detailed Comparison

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Compute Services
  • Networking Services
  • Storage & Content Delivery Services
  • Security & Identity Services
  • Database Services
  • Management Tools
  • Application Services
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Detailed Curriculum
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Building Application Infrastructure
  • Hosting Web Applications
  • Storing SQL Data in Azure
  • Designing Cloud Applications for Resiliency
  • Storing Tabular Data in Azure
  • Storing and Consuming Files from Azure Storage
  • Designing a Communication Strategy by Using Queues and Service Bus
  • Automating Integration with Azure Resources
  • Securing Azure Web Applications
Detailed Curriculum


You don’t need a particular degree or a Computer Science or Computer Engineering Degree to learn cloud computing. You can start learning cloud computing from scratch even if you have very basic skills in information technology.

AWS is not limited to people of one particular disciplinary background. We prepare candidates right from fundamentals of Statistical up to project level knowledge and make student Industry ready professional.

A B.Tech, MBA, B.Com or any other graduate can get AWS training. However, it's better for the students, employees or any other professionals to have a basic knowledge of servers and IP networks. It will be of greater advantage for the one who is trained in AWS to have a better idea of cloud computing services and move along through the advanced techniques easily in their career.

Job Opportunities

  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network systems administrators
  • Computer systems administrators
  • IT Infrastructure Consultant
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Satisfied Clients

Himanshu Pari

The trainer from A. I. Analytics had rich knowledge in Cloud, especially on AWS. He always tried to explain concepts with real-time scenarios. His passion for training, interacting with participants and answering all their questions is simply great. He clarified and answered most of the questions that were asked. He also explained the differences between various cloud providers, their advantages and disadvantages with suitable examples. I was able to utilize my weekend with good and informative learning.


The Trainer has good in-depth knowledge of AWS topics. He explains the topics using very simple use cases. This is the best training available in Pune.

Tushar Ishaware

The training was good & the faculties are very friendly & helpful. The placement was good & I thank Mr. Prashant sir for his hard work in placing me. I got placed in Wipro. Thanks to A.I.Analytics

Amit Chauhan

Good. The training was complete. Grooming session was very useful. Placement plays a vital role in A.I.Analytics and I'm happy about the A.I.Analytics placement. I got placed in Capgemini. Thanks to A.I.Analytics.


To learn cloud computing, you can start using a public or private cloud computing service, even if you are not a software developer.

Cloud Computing is a technology used in all industries globally. Understanding it will help everyone, not just technical people. Chances are, you work at a company that is already using a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing is changing how companies build and use IT systems, involving all their software. Cloud Computing is a topic that managers, marketing people, executives, system administrators, and developers must learn. Of course, with different approaches and specific aspects for the different roles and responsibilities.

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