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Master HR Analytics or Human Resource Analytics is the talent analytics that involves a thorough analysis of the talent available with the organization and also evaluates different elements of data mining. The various elements of HR Analytics and business analytics are incorporated in the Human Resource function in order to elaborate its scope and include the effective talent in the team that will work for the trusted results. The HR Analytics training is intended to imbibe the appropriate application of the business analytics and data mining processes into the human resource function. This will spread the overall awareness about the function and hence build up the strong network.
A.I. Analytics is providing you a Human Resource Management course which includes different modules

  • Introduction to HRM
  • Talent Acquisitions
  • Compliances And government laws
  • Attendance management system
  • Payroll
  • SHRM
  • T&D

Our comprehensive HRM course will help you master the subject in theory and practical. Our course includes whole HR functions and some internal branches of HR such as Attendance System, welfare, Salary Descriptions, Different models of PMS System, etc. We are offering both weekdays and weekends classes for Human Resource Management. We believe in practical oriented training, so we help students with practical examples and assignments in the training course. We also provide 100% placement assistance for students for better career opportunities.



HR Generalist

  1. Introduction to HRM
  2. Evolution of HRM
  3. Paths of HRM
  4. Policies Makings

Module 2 : Talent Acquisitions (The future of work)

  1. Difference between Resume & CV
  2. Theoretical Background
  3. Job Portal
  4. Outsourcing (labour management)
  5. Sector Wise Recruitment
  6. IT, Manufacturing, Retails, Logistics, Hospitals etc
  7. Selection Process
  8. Go live for Recruitment(Live Project)

Module 3 : Government Regulations

  1. PF
  2. ESIC
  3. P.Tax
  4. Bonus
  5. Gratuity
  6. TDS
  7. Minimum Wages
  8. MLWF
  9. Factories Act
  10. Shop Act
  11. ECR challan Uploading
  12. Form filling
  13. CTC Formation
  14. Calculation & Deductions

Module 4 : Payroll Processing

  1. Compensation & Benefits
  2. Salary Processing
  3. ERP System Working
  4. Advanced Excel Payroll
  5. Create MIS Reports
  6. ERC Challans
  7. Handling full & Final Settlement

Module 5 :Attendance Management System

  1. Time Sheet Parameters
  2. Attendance With Leave Policy
  3. Salary Sheet Formation
  4. Calculations

Module 6 : Accelerated Automation HR

  1. SHRM Activities
  2. R.R.R(Recruit, Retain, Retire)
  3. PMS(Performance Management System)
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Day to day activities

Module 7 : Big Data Power Organization

  1. T & D
  2. Metrix of T & D
  3. ISO Data
  4. Appraisal Models
  5. Corporate governance

HR Analytics

Module 1 : What is Analytics?

  • What is Analytics
  • Types of Analytics
  • Invasion of Analytics
  • Analytics Value Chain
  • Business Analytics adaption
  • Analytics Tools Used Worldwide Examples

Module 2 : PEOPLE Analytics Introduction

  • PEOPLE Analytics: Core Objectives
  • PEOPLE Analytics: Data to Information to Insights
  • PEOPLE Analytics measurements
  • Importance of PEOPLE Analytics
  • Critical Areas For PEOPLE Analysis
  • People Analytics Process

Module 3 : . Stage of PEOPLE Analytics

  1. Reporting
  2. Importance of Metrics
  3. Accountability and Measurement
  4. Metrics / KPI Model
  5. HR Metric Levels
  6. Enhancing PEOPLE Analytics Effectiveness
  7. Factors affecting after the implementation
  8. Used Case example

Module 4 : HRIS

  1. Compensation & Benefits Need for HRIS
  2. HRIS absence and its impact
  3. Application of HRIS
  4. Example of HRIS In Action
  5. PEOPLE Data and its accessibility
  6. HRM Data Sources



  Students get real-time scenario while learning course and gains confidence in applying Analytics skill in assignments, projects work, etc. In HR Analytics we will analyze Organisations ‘people problems and Help them to make correct decisions.

Mini - Project

Presenting PEOPLE Data – Raw Data to Insights

Domain Covered: Creating People Data Dashboard
Tool for Practice in Class: MS Excel

Calculating PEOPLE Metrics / KPI’s

Domain Covered: Aggregation & Summarization
Tool for Practice in Class: MS Excel

Analyzing employee salary and performance data with multiple
factors using correlation and regression
  • Understanding Simple Regression Analysis
  • Understanding Least square estimates to calculate equation variables
  • Response variable exploration
  • Independent variables analyses
  • Analyzing Employee Performance with Compensation
  • Biasness at Work Experience vs Compensation
  • Exploring the relationship between Performance and employee leaves
  • Building a full model with workforce demographics

Job Opportunities

  • HR Recruiter
  • HR Payroll
  • HR Generalist

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