Blockchain is a disruptive game-changing technology that will have an impact as huge as the internet in the next two decades. Enterprise blockchain solutions are gaining momentum as they enable inter & intra org collaboration, offer enhances interoperability, transparency, enhanced security and holistic visibility (traceability). Learn about the blockchain, hyperledger fabric and design strategies with Vivek Acharya in his latest book – Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide.

Enterprises and evangelists are not confine to proof of concepts (PoCs), but are engaged in real implementations and have started demonstrating concrete achievements. With this book, experience the prominence of hyperledger fabric by engaging with real enterprise use cases and learn to model & implement an enterprise blockchain network.  There are various blockchain actors and this book is meant for most actors –

Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) – A driver in proliferating blockchain adoption

To adopt enterprise blockchain solution, one must understand the fundamentals of accounting and ledgers. One must skill himself/herself on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and must understand the fundamental technologies like database, cryptography and consensus mechanisms.

Business users like process owners and their technology advisers like architects should learn the craft to translate use cases, build qualifiers and analyze user cases. They should be equipped with tools to justify blockchain as a solution for business use cases. For this to happen, process owners, advisors and architects should know the blockchain design strategy and the art of modelling and qualifying use cases.

Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) – A driver in proliferating blockchain adoption

Blockchain architects, infrastructure experts, and network providers must skill themselves on modelling blockchain networks and realizing the blockchain network infrastructure to enable developers to build smart contracts and applications.

Architects should be equipped with the quick qualifiers and smartness to decide between setting up a blockchain infrastructure and empowering the enterprise with a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solution.

Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) – A driver in proliferating blockchain adoption

Blockchain architects and network operators should be skilled on blockchain network configuration, access controls, monitoring and analysis. They should be able to define the assets, transactions, access controls and various other prerequisites before developers can jump into building solution.

Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) – A driver in proliferating blockchain adoption

Architects and developers should be skilled on strategies around smart contracts, chaincode and dApps.  Strategies around versioning, testing, deployments, etc. should be defined and adopted. Developers should be skilled on smart contract, dApps coding, and development cycle activities like tests, deployments, improvements, monitoring, logs, errors etc.

Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) – A driver in proliferating blockchain adoption

Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide by Vivek Acharya has something for all the actors, to lead the way in adopting, implementing and embracing, enterprise blockchain solutions. Book covers fundamentals on ledgers, accounting and various qualifiers. Book covers blockchain technology, DLT and hyperledger fabric in detail and covers their architecture, structure, types etc. in depth. It delves into distributed ledger technology, defines design strategy, and enlist steps to build an enterprise blockchain solution. It covers use case analysis, qualifiers and modelling of user cases and asset modeling. It drills into various use cases and display the value of using BaaS solution for the quick implementation of blockchain solutions. Book covers hyperledger fabric in details and explains each components of hyperledger fabric via examples and diagrams. Book also offers a practical approach to learn developing enterprise blockchain solution using a BaaS platform from Oracle.

Conclusively, this book does not aim at a specific community; it is not inclined towards only business community, or developer’s community. It targets all DLT/Blockchain enthusiast & evangelist and helps them to understand distributed ledger technology, blockchain and design strategies in detail. Turn the pages of these books as it acts as a one-stop shop for exploring distributed ledger technology, blockchain, its components, features, qualifiers and architecture. It demystify the prominence of blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) by practically experimenting with hyperledger fabric and Oracle’s Blockchain Platform.

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